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    1. galal…/catholicislam.html

      bro i hopes this sites will help you to understand the truth. also try to browse in realian movement .i.e

      I am sorry to you muslim guys. you are hardly misguided and victims of crooked plans of brave people.
      dont worry your high preasts can help you by revealing the truth. thus we all shall try to establish the truth in the world.

      prays for you to Elohim i.e Yahwa.


  1. Ahmed

    Dear Sir/Brother Please Remove this WORD ALLAH IS C*****L instead of it Write ISLAM Please It makes us to read it … If you like to say, Say it about ISLAM IMEAN WRITE THE NAME ISLAM INSTEAD OF ALLAH… PLEASE its a Humble Request …. PLEASEEEEEE……….CHANGE IT..



  2. Ahmed

    I said My brother/Sister

    That Please Change that Allah IS C****Nal Because It make us Read Also…. So instead of this NAME Write ISLAM IS A CRIMINAL OR MUSLIM IS A CRIMINAL or ISLAM Doesn’t TEACHES CRIME OR Anything ELS but PLEASE Change this Criminal with ALLAH its ok for the Non-Muslim if they are REading but as far as Muslims we should not Read it . So Try to change in Another Topic. When Ever Muslim open it He/she will read the Same thing as they are……. Why dont you try these names Allah Or his Religion (ISLAM) or MUSLIM is NOT Criminal or els, Write Allah or his DEEN(RELIGION) Dosen’t Teach CRIME….

    Its an Humble Request …

    Jazakh Allah khair….
    Your’s THankful


    1. Answering Christianity Post author

      Brother Ahmad … We know that….

      A Page was created to Insult Allah swt saying “Allah is a Cr*****l” we created group against that group and asked mulsims to report the group,so that they remove it!

      hope you understand point!


  3. Ahmed


    Even though You can Write As I told you … ALLAH OR HIS RELIGION is not Cr******L Or Allah or Islam Isn not C******L Or ALLAH or His Religion Do not Teaches Crime… YOU can Choose ANy name well Its up to you It was My suggestion Because My Beloved Prophet MOHAMMED PBUH Said If you see something wrong stop it with you hand if you can’t then Stop it with your Tongue and If you can’t do it this too then ATLEAST Curse in ur HEART and <<< THis Make you atleast The LOWER stage OF IMAAN FAITH….. So its up to you … but what i Feel wrong I said it …. My duty is Finish now its your turn.. But remember One thing U Can't Imagine about the Thinking of Jews Really im telling i have been with them… They Plans for 5o years for feature and They whole Generation will Stick to it … … so be careful even if you are going against to them . because they knows what you gonna do… what you gonna reply , response to them …. May Allah GUIDE You Ameen…. and SAVE you Ameen…. Take care brother …



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  5. Omar Alqady

    Alsalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmat Allah Wa Barakatuh

    I have been subscribed to your mailing list for a while, and while I do appreciate the great effort you put into this site and its content, I think, as others have mentioned before, that you should focus on showing what Islam is truly about as opposed to showing negativities in the bible, because showing negativites in the bible will tend to offend christians and make them defensive, rather than opening their minds to read and learn more about Islam. What I mean is that this site is now only beneficial to muslims or christians who have accepted that Islam is the true path, for either of these types it will consolidate their views, but if someone who is still hesitant about becoming a muslim sees such content, this might trigger negative thoughts and emotions inside them and thus push them away from Islam which is, I’m sure, is not your intention. All in all, thank you for your efforts, but please do try to focus on showing true Islam more, and lessen the negative content about the bible if your target is to get christians to Islam. Wa Jazak Allah kol Khair 🙂


  6. Ammar

    Assalam o Alaikum!
    I saw some blasphamy pics on ur fb by brandon hoggards. I dont know y not u kicked him out from fb list, he tagged u in his pics, y not u untag urself from his pics.
    kindly report him abusive, untag & delete him. these type of ppl dont understand thru preaching, so its useless to talk to him. if we cant do anything with him, atleast boycott, cz the way he tagged u & u commented him is a source of spreading those pics, cz its available to see by everybody & we cant bear to see.
    although we cant do anything with this guy, atleast we should boycott him & avoid seeing those cartoon pics.
    do u have any contact of this guy? if u hv kindly provide me.
    Thanks with Regards.


  7. Shams


    I was trying to send you a direct message on Twiter but as you don’t follow back I couldn’t. Message is as follow:

    I want to suggest that you do a series on “Is Jesus God?” via a dialogue such as:

    Man: is Jesus God?
    Xtian: Yes. 
    Man: Bible says Jesus was a carpenter. Right.
    Xtian: Correct.
    Man: Was God a Carpenter?
    Xtian: ???#*^%???

    More on Jesus Wept; was Circumsized etc.



  8. George king

    Why do Muslims hate JesusChrist when Koran and Mohamad respects him as Nabi ISA. He is the only sinless one. Does that grab your attention? You should investigate why he should be the sinless one there must be a reason. The reason is that he must give his life for all mankind including all Muslims too if only you believe


    1. Ahmed

      Well King We Muslims DO not HATE Jesus Christ the prove it when ever the name jesus comes we do not say just jesus we says Jesus Peace be upon him. WE love him We respect him BUT we do not Worship him I dont know where did u get this information about muslims that they hate jesus PBUH We just do not believe that he is Begotten son of GOD for your KIND infromation Sir Jesus Never Said in the WHOLE BIBLE that he is God or Begotten SON of GOD OR Worship him. This is the people Who misunderstood that he is Son of GOD and do you ever Realize that There is no Gospel According to Jesus i mean All what we see is According to Mark,Luke, Matthew,and John and there are some Like Chronicles > Unknown Author see the reference Kings I&II Unknown Yet you people believe that this is word of God But what we Muslims is believe that there is still some Words of GOD is there but not Whole bible Please dont mind the bible is Full of Contradiction and in Quran says that there will be no contradiction in Word of GOD so here it is the Test .. Apply it and see U will come to know. He also prophecy about Prophet Mohammed and in the Authority Of prophet Mohammed PBUH we Love jesus Christ PBUH we revere him and we Respect him we love him but Sorry We DO not Believe he is Begotten Son of GOD the Only Religion on the face of the earth after Christians Who believe in Jesus PBUH there is no other Religion not even you Jews because they were the one who disobeyed him and made many contradictions But yet you people blaim on Muslims 🙂 thank you for that and i feel sorry for you . Take care Peace….


    2. Omar Alqady

      George, who told you that Muslims hate Jesus PBUH! That couldn’t be further from the truth! We, unlike most Christians, don’t believe that he is the son of God nor do we believe in the trinity, but we believe that he is a prophet from God and that we should respect and love all prophets with no difference between one prophet and another as stated in the Qur’an. If a Muslim says that which you said above that means they don’t know the basics of their own religion, and thus they do not represent any one but themself.

      As to you referring to Jesus PBUH as the sinless one, we as Muslims believe that no human is sinless, it’s just not possible, but with a huge difference between what is considered a sin for a prophet and that which is considered the same for a person who is not a prophet. Prophets are, despite being ordinary humans, held to a higher standard than other people when considering whether their actions are good or not.

      And finally, we don’t believe that Jesus PBUH had to give his life to grant all mankind salvation, which is another differece between Islam and Christianity.

      I hope this clears up everthinh 🙂


  9. Ahmed

    Dear Mr. George King
    I apologize in Advance for the Long matter Which going to type.
    I don’t Know where did you get this Information about Muslims that Muslims Hate Jesus Christ. It is Completely False Charge against Muslims Because We do not call him just Jesus When ever his name comes we Say Jesus Peace be Upon him This is the Prof that Muslims DO not hate Jesus But love him we Revere him We respect him But WE don’t not believe he is begotten son of GOD Or GOD OR he died for the Sins of Humanity Sorry … In fact Jesus PBUH never claim in the complete Bible that he is begotten Son or Son of GOD neither he says worship me it is the people who misunderstood and says like this and bible is full of contradiction iam sorry but iam telling you truth it is not only said by Muslims but your great Scholars. We do not believe that it is completely the word of God But yet There is some Verses which is word of God but 95% or may be more is full of contradictions which is said by people not by Jesus PBUH have ever realize that there no Gospel According to Jesus Pbuh ? it is all According to Matthew, Mark, Luke, John WHY? and you know there is something more do you chronicles, and king I&II the author is unknown Sir please read it by your self and see Please do not listen why your Bishops, pastors, Priests are saying Or you Church We believe in Jesus as one of the Mightiest Messenger of God Almighty We believe in Jesus he gave life back to death by Gods Permission We believe that he healed those born blind by Gods Permission which SOME 31 out of 39 Bishops DO not believe do you know that ? We believes him in the Authority of Prophet Mohammed PBUH
    But yet you people says that Prophet Mohammed PBUH is a Antichrist, am asking how can it be the person who praised him, who made more than 1.4 billion People to believe in Jesus PBUH how can he will be the Antichrist He made us to say Jesus May Allah PBUH not just Jesus. this is the only community after Christianity who believes in Jesus there is no another religion on the face of the earth even your Jewish they do not believe in Jesus PBUH
    there were the one who disobeyed Jesus Pbuh, there is some Jews who says they proud to killed Jesus PBUH they think that they killed him But Allah Says in Quran (Surah 4, Verses 157 & 158:)
    “and their saying : we killed Christ Jesus, son of Mary, The messenger of Allah – but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but it was made to appear to them so; and those who disagree concerning it are full of doubts; they have no knowledge thereof save pursuit of a conjecture; For surely they killed him not; but Allah took him up unto Himself; and Allah is ever mighty, wise.”

    But yet you people Blaims to Muslims I really feel sorry for it Sir.
    Well you take care and have a nice time PEACE…..


  10. tariq

    as salaam-u alyakum

    12 years ago I met a man originally from Syria. He is a Christian and speaks both Aramaic and Arabic fluently. After getting to know him I asked him to help me better understand the message/teachings of Prophet Isa – pbuh from the point of view of someone whom is culturally aware and literate. He was very excited to share with me.

    He invited me and my family to his parents home for a dinner. We met his parents, a few siblings, and several cousins. After dinner his father asked, “So, what would you like to know?” I asked him to share with me the cultural context and meaning of various Aramaic idiom found in the Peshitta.

    Without going into great detail this man (about 72 years of age) broke down and explained the meaning behind the meaning…the cultural context of various sayings of Prophet Isa – pbuh that when read in English do not make any sense, or are confusing. His ability to break down and simply explain idioms gave me great confidence that rasulullah (saw) most certainly received a divine message for mankind.

    At the end of the day, I think it would be helpful to remind western Christians the Prophet Isa – pbuh was not Greek, his message was originally written down in Aramaic and not Greek…and that they need to familiarize themselves with the idioms and parables of Aramaic speaking peoples. Lastly, the need to be told that Aramaic, Hebrew, and Arabic all stem from the same language family. Many people may deny the truth, but the truth is plain and simple. Much of what they believe they know to be true concerning the teachings of Prophet Isa – pbuh are based on the western worlds reluctance to learn about the culture and language of African and Middle Eastern peoples. If they let go of their pride and ego perhaps they would come to a peaceful play.



  11. Peter

    Can you PLEASE shut down this blog?! This is insulting me as Christian, and the Holy Bible ”errors” that you list are incorrect. Read the Holy Bible, and read the whole verses, then you will see what you have written is wrong. If you don’t take this seriously and don’t listen to my words, inshAllah God/YHWH/Allah (Christians, Muslims and Jews believe in same God) will turn from you if He wants to! Take a look at this website [], you don’t feel good about seeing a website like that do you? Now remove this blog and use your time on worshipping God instead!
    Peace, from a Christian


  12. Ahmed

    Mr.Peter .. I think you didn’t read it properly the people which they are quoting here are in context so please my Brother Go and check by your self .. We Worship Allah. but this what we have to do i mean Explain our Religion and remove the misconception of non muslims which they are believing about ISLAM and There are many Contradiction in Christianity So we are clearly Mention that this is not the word of GOD it has been Changed by the centuries So come to the right path which is ISLAM… And Allah Promised for those who Accept it and do righteous deeds There is paradise Garden for them. So my brother Please Come to the Right path which is ISLAM and Do not judge ISLAM by Muslims please Read what the scriptures are and you can contact me regarding Islam and Christianity as well . Iam not Admin but I can help you out ..
    Take care and have a very nice time ahead.. bye


  13. Angelina

    Why do you have your blog or website with the word christianity in it? This is all a ploy to get Christians to view your website. This website is greatly offensive to me. You may not believe Jesus is son of man and the begotten Son of God but I certainly do. Your personal choice to believe however you choose however I do encourage you fellow child of God to change your ways before it is too late, but I can’t make you just as you cannot change my beliefs. What I do find offensive is the fact that because of the word christianity in your title it automatically is a choice for most Christians to choose from when wanting to do Christian based research via the web and rather a website offering information on christianity …the complete opposite. I imagine you in the states where you set up this blasphemous blog….curious if so because our nation was founded on the writings and of our Saviour The Lord Jesus Christ and God. I truly believe that that is what has made our nation so great and strong because of value and teachings of the Bible…words of God. But in years, the nation has turned its back on God….and there the tumultuous trouble ensues. Taking prayer out of schools an d social events. Giving women the right to abortions allowing divorce and repetitive marriages. We allow and almost condone even glorify sexual depravity and debauchery…I mean everywhere you look its sex there is even an element of sexuality when marketing products for children…it’s ridiculous. It’s the moral decay that will destroy us as well as anyone. But I can assure you that not everyone feels this way, not everyone condones this behaviour.


    1. Answering Christianity Post author

      Why do you have your blog or website with the word Christianity in it?

      becoz it is against so called filthy,dirty,hypocrite Christians who spread lie about my faith under the name of we r replying to them.

      //This is all a ploy to get Christians to view your website. This website is greatly offensive to me.
      You may not believe Jesus is son of man and the begotten Son of God but I certainly do//

      i apologize for hurting you lady,i have no such intention but to reply those who call theme self true christian but infact are follower of satan.

      its not created becoz i don’t believe in son of god or Paul or anyone is responsibility of Christians to stand against haters,but what they do is.they trust there filthy brothers in the name of Christ,and don’t stop or reject there act.

      then how many days we will sit and watch how morons are abusing my faith and we are just sitting like looser.

      they are challenging our faith,our works,our life and we just sit.

      no way…madam no way…

      this blog may be against Christians but yet this blog don’t have abuse ,we daily find in Christians running blogs against Islam.

      //curious if so because our nation was founded on the writings and of our Saviour The Lord Jesus Christ and God
      and there the tumultuous trouble ensues. //

      sorry but you don’t have any writing from Jesus Christ.

      //Taking prayer out of schools an d social events.//

      yes,i don’t like these things.

      //Giving women the right to abortions allowing divorce and repetitive marriages.//

      how is divorce and re-marraige wrong ?

      do you want a women to live life with abuser husband? Who will fulfill her needs if man kicked her out ?
      from physical to living..shelter,food and sex ?

      if a girl is left alone after few months of marriage,

      who will full fill her need ? specially physical needs.. sexual need ? Satan is waiting for such targets and make them involve in wrong sexual acts.

      //We allow and almost condone even glorify sexual depravity and debauchery…I mean everywhere you look its sex there is even an element of sexuality when marketing products for children…it’s ridiculous. It’s the moral decay that will destroy us as well as anyone. But I can assure you that not everyone feels this way, not everyone condones this behaviour.//

      Good to see your thoughts on this…this is what most practising muslim believes…you should think about islam.


  14. brenton confeggi

    what you said about jesus not are spot on.of course jesus is not god.but the word christian is not in the original bible.jesus never called himself christian and same goes for the writers of the bible who god i belive the word christan has been added to the bible.i know about antoch.but if you read it carfully you can see.gods true people are sheep or children of god. no one should be called christian.anyway thankyou for your time.from brenton


  15. Abdelfatah El ouadi

    I live in Canada and I have contact with Christians and atheist talking about Islam and religions. When I was looking for some info in Arabic Bible, I found out that some verses in Arabic Bible (that contain the same word used in Arabic Quran) are corrupted and they used different words to mislead Arabic Christians. I sent those verses in English and Arabic language to some Christians and I asked them if we can consider the difference in words between Arabic and English are just mistake in translation of corruption. They were unable to give me an answer. Please contact me to send you details of this case if you don’t know about it.



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