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Why Bible Is Not Complete without Paul Words ?

Why Bible Is Not Complete without Paul Words ?

as Christians says Its God Word… then I want to know …

Who gave Authority to Paul his own Words with God Words…

Answer Please ? kindly reply with proofs

Virgin Mary in Holy Bible and Holy Quran

Virgin Mary in Bible and Holy Quran

Virgin Mary is as seen in Christianity and Islam; the sources are mainly the Bible and Quran. They are both mostly similar considering Mary. Continue reading

Almighty God in Bible and Quran

Almighty God in Bible and Quran

The ONENESS of God as seen in Christianity and Islam, the sources are mainly the Bible, and Quran. Continue reading

Abused as child, now a Muslim

Child abuse by Catholic priests has seriously dented the trust of the faithful in the Church. Charles Evers, who was abused by a priest, converted to Islam and now is called Yusuf. “Catholicism is a nasty faith,” Yusuf says.

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Lineage of God ?

The Consequence of Attributing Lineages to a Man who had No Lineage

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Christian missionary behind Nithyananda sex scandal: Ranjitha

Christian missionary behind Nithyananda sex scandal: Ranjitha Continue reading

Top Women Abusing Verses from Bible

Top Women Abusing Verses from Bible…

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Honor Killing By Christians

Often Muslims are accused of doing Honor Killing and Islam Haters think they are very peace loving,filled with Love and Give Respect to Women in there society….

An Example of Peace Loving Christians,

Story of Lot (pbuh) in Quran and Bible

Just trying to show the difference from both books.!

Story of Lot(P.B.U.H) in Quran

Prophet Abraham (PBUH) left Egypt accompanied by his nephew Lut (PBUH), who then went to the city of Sodom (Sadum), which was on the western shore of the Dead Sea.

This city was filled with evil. Its residents waylaid, robbed and killed travelers. Another common evil among them was that men had sex with men instead of with women. This unnatural act later became known as sodomy (after the city of Sodom). It was practiced openly and unashamedly.

It was at the height of these crimes and sins that Allah revealed to Prophet Lut (PBUH) that he should summon the people to give up their indecent behavior, but they were so deeply sunk in their immoral habits that they were deaf to Lot’s preaching. Swamped in their unnatural desires, they refused to listen, even when Lot warned them of Allah’s punishment. Instead, they threatened to drive him out of the city if he kept on preaching.

Allah the Almighty revealed: The people of Lot (those dwelt in the towns of Sodom in Palestine) belied the Messengers when their brother Lot said to them:

“Will you not fear Allah and obey Him? Verily! I am a trustworthy Messenger to you. SO fear Allah, keep your duty to Him, and obey me. No reward do I ask of you for it (my Message of Islamic Monotheism) my reward is only from the Lord of the Alamin (mankind, jinn and all that exists). Go you in unto the males of the Alamin (mankind), and leave those whom Allah has created for you to be your wives? Nay, you are a trespassing people!”

They said: “If you cease not, O Lot! Verily, you will be one of those who are driven out!”

He said: “I am indeed, of those who disapprove with severe anger and fury your (this evil) action (of sodomy). My Lord! Save me and my family from what they do.”

So We saved him and his family, all except an old woman (his wife) among those who remained behind. [Ch 26:160-171 Quran]

The doings of Lot’s people saddened his heart. Their unwholesome reputation spread throughout the land, while he struggled against them. As the years passed, he persisted in his mission but to no avail. No one responded to his call and believed except for the members of his family, and even in his household, not all the members believed. Lot’s wife, like Noah’s wife, a disbeliever.

Allah the Almighty declared:

Allah set forth an example for those who disbelieve, the wife of Noah and the wife of Lot. They were under two of Our righteous slaves, but they both betrayed their (husbands, by rejecting their doctrines) so they (Noah & Lut) benefited them (their respective wives) not, against Allah, and it was said:

“Enter the Fire along with those who enter!” [Ch 66:10 Quran]

If home is the place of comfort and rest, then Lut found none, for he was tormented both inside and outside his home. His life was continuous torture and he suffered greatly, but he remained patient and steadfast with his people. The years rolled by, and still not one believed in him. Instead, they belittled his message and mockingly challenged him: “Bring Allah’s Torment upon us if you are one of the truthful!” [Ch 29:29 Quran].

Overwhelmed with despair, Lot prayed to Allah to grant him victory and destroy the corrupt. Therefore, the angels left Abraham (pbuh) and headed for Sodom the town of Lut (pbuh). They reached the walls of the town in the afternoon. The first person who caught sight of them was Lot’s daughter, who was sitting beside the river, filling her jug with water. When she lifted her face and saw them, she was stunned that there could be men of such magnificent beauty on earth.

One of the three men (angels) asked her: “O maiden, is there a place to rest?”

Remembering the character of her people she replied, “Stay here and do not enter until I inform my father and return.” Leaving her jug by the river, she swiftly ran home.

“O father!” she cried. “You are wanted by young men at the town gate and I have never before seen the like of their faces!”

Lot felt distressed as he quickly ran to his guests. He asked them where they came from and where they were going.

They did not answer his questions. Instead they asked if he could host them. He started talking with them and impressed upon them the subject of his people’s nature. Lot was filled with turmoil; he wanted to convince his guests without offending them, not to spend the night there, yet at the same time he wanted to extend to them the expected hospitality normally accorded to guests. In vain he tried to make them understand the perilous situation. At last, therefore, he requested them to wait until the night fell, for then no one would see them.

When darkness fell on the town, Lot escorted his guest to his home. No one was aware of their presence. However, as soon as Lot’s wife saw them, she slipped out of the house quietly so that no one noticed her. Quickly, she ran to her people with the news and it spread to all the inhabitants like wildfire. The people rushed towards Lot quickly and excitedly. Lot was surprised by their discovery of his guests. and he wondered who could have informed them. The matter became clear, however, when he could not find his wife, anywhere, thus adding grief to his sorrow.

When Lot saw the mob approaching his house, he shut the door, but they kept on banging on it. He pleaded with them to leave the visitors alone and fear Allah’s punishment. He urged them to seek sexual fulfillment with their wives, for that is what Allah had made lawful.

Lot’s people waited until he had finished his short sermon, and then they roared with laughter. Blinded by passion, they broke down the door. Lot became very angry, but he stood powerless before these violent people. He was unable to prevent the abuse of his guests, but he firmly stood his ground and continued to plead with the mob.

At that terrible moment, he wished he had the power to push them away from his guests. Seeing him in a state of helplessness, and grief the guests said: “Do not be anxious or frightened, Lot for we are angels, and these people will not harm you.”

On hearing this, the mob was terrified and fled from Lot’s house, hurling threats at him as they left. The angels warned Prophet Lut (pbuh) to leave his house before sunrise, taking with him all his family except his wife.

Allah had decreed that the city of Sodom should perish. An earthquake rocked the town. It was as if a mighty power had lifted the entire city and flung it down in one jolt. A storm of stones rained on the city. Everyone and everything was destroyed, including Lot’s wife.

Allah the Almighty recounted this story: And tell them about the guests (angels) of Abraham. When they entered unto him, and said: “Salaaman (peace)!” Abraham said: “Indeed! We are afraid of you.”

They (the angels) said: “Do not be afraid! We give you glad tidings of a boy (son) possessing much knowledge and wisdom.” (Abraham) said: “Do you give me glad tidings (of a son) when old age has overtaken me? Of what then is your news?” They (the angels) said: “We give you glad tidings in truth. SO be not of the despairing.”

Abraham said: “And who despairs of the Mercy of his Lord except those who are astray?” (Abraham again) said: “What then is the business on which you have come, O Messengers?”

They (the angels) said: “We have been sent to a people who are Mujrimeen (criminals, disbeliveers, polytheists, sinners). (All) except the family of Lot. Them all we are surely going to save (from destruction).”

Except his wife, of whom We have decreed that she shall be of the those who remain behind (she will be destroyed).

Then when the Messengers (the angels) came unto the family of Lot, he said: “Verily! You are people unknown to me.” They said: “Nay! we have come to you with that (torment) which they have been doubting. And we have brought to you the truth (the news of the destruction of your nation) and certainly, we tell the truth. Then travel in a part of the night with your family, and you go behind them in the rear, and let no one amongst you look back, but go on to where you are ordered.”

And We made known this decree to him, that the root of those (sinners) was to be cut off in the early morning

The inhabitants of the city came rejoicing (at the news of the young men’s arrival). Lot said: “Verily! These are my guests, so shame me not. And fear Allah and disgrace me not.” They (people of the city) said: “Did we not forbid you to entertain (or protect) any of the Alamin (people, foreigners strangers etc) from us?” Lot said: “These (the girls of the nation) are my daughters to marry lawfully) if you must act so.”

“Verily, by your life (O Muhammad), in their wild intoxication they were wandering blindly. So As Saliha (torment, awful cry etc) overtook them at the time of sunrise; and We turned (the towns of Sodom in Palestine) upside down and rained down on them stones of baked clay. Surely! In this are signs for those who see (or understand or learn the lessons from the Signs of Allah). And verily! They (the cities) are right on the highroad (from Mecca to Syria, i.e. the place where the Dead Sea is now). Surely! Therein is indeed a sign for the believers.” [Ch 15:51-77 Quran]

Allah the Exalted also declared: So we saved him and his family, all, except an old woman (his wife) among those who remained behind. Then afterward We destroyed the others. We rained on them a rain of torment. How evil was the rain of those who had been warned. Verily, in this is indeed a sign yet most of them are not believers. Verily! Your Lord, He is indeed the All Mighty, the Most Merciful. [Ch 26:170-175 Quran]

The book was closed on the people of Lot (pbuh). Their towns and names have been erased from the face of the earth. Gone are they from memory. One book was closed of the books of corruption.

Lot (pbuh) proceeded towards Abraham (pbuh). He visited him, and when he recounted the story of his people, he was surprised to learn that Abraham (pbuh) already knew. So Lut (pbuh) continued to invite people to Allah, as did Abraham (pbuh), the patient one who turned to Allah repentantly, and the two held firm to their mission.

Story of Lot(P.B.U.H) in Bible::

Lot is a character from the Book of Genesis chapters 11-14 and 19, in the Hebrew Bible. Notable episodes in his life include his travels with his uncle Abram (Abraham, the Patriarch of Israel); his flight from the Kingdom of Sodom, in the course that Lot’s wife looked back and turned into a pillar of salt; and the seduction by his daughters so that they could bear children.

The Biblical stories of drunkenness and incest attributed to Lot are absent in the Qur’an. In Islamic tradition, they are rejected by Muslims and Lot is venerated as a Prophet of Islam. Christians are reminded by Apostle Peter that Lot was a righteous man.

Fleeing Sodom

An account of Lot from Genesis 19:1-29

It had been 24 years later, after leaving the Haran Settlement, that Abram’s Lord changed his name to Abraham.[Genesis 17] After the covenant was made between Abraham and his Lord, divine judgement of Sodom and Gomorrah ensued. Two angels who took the form of physical men, so that anyone around could see them, were sent by Abraham’s Lord to confirm the destruction of Sodom.[Genesis 18:20-22]

Genesis 19 points to this period when Lot and his family were dwelling within the city walls of Sodom. Lot was approached by “the Two Men” at the city gate, aware that they were sent by God. He insisted that they stay the night at his home even though “the two” wanted to stay at “the square”.

That night, after supper, just before bedtime, men of the city rallied up around Lot’s house demanding to have same-sex intercourse with his guests.

Lot objected, by offering up his virgin daughters to them to do with as they pleased even though they were already matrimonially spoken for. His response infuriated the inhabitants because they didn’t want an alien resident judging them accordingly. Then before they could break into the house, the angels struck the intruders with blindness. This allowed a small window of opportunity for Lot to make preparations for him and his loved ones to leave. (Genesis 19:3-14)

Before dawn arrives, ready or not, they had to leave. Lot expressed some hesitancy about leaving, but the angels grabbed the hands of Lot, his wife and two daughters, and brought them out of the city limits giving the orders:”Flee for your lives! Don’t look back, and don’t stop anywhere in the plain! Flee to the mountains or you will be swept away!” (Genesis 19:16,17)

Initially, Lot was opposed to fleeing to the mountains, so he adamantly requested to take refuge in the small town of Zoar, just beyond Sodom’s city limits. Granted his request, while they were in route, in the middle of the night, Lot’s wife turned looking back at Sodom disregarding the angel’s order and thus was turned into a pillar of salt.(Genesis 19:18-26)

As soon as Lot and his daughters made it to Zoar, at daybreak, the heavens opened up raining down fire and sulfur upon the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah until they were completely and utterly destroyed, including all surrounding properties.[v.23-25]

Even from where Abraham was, in an elevated region, he could see the dense smoke billowing up into the heavens from the ruined cities.

Lot and his daughters

An account of Lot and his daughters in Genesis 19:30-38

Lot became very much afraid by the destruction of Sodom and felt that his safety in Zoar was just as much in jeopardy. With the loss of his wife on the back of his mind, he decided that it would be best to retreat to the mountains as was originally asked of him by the angels of deliverance. There, they found a well suited cave to live.

Here was a family who at one time had everything. They had livestock, wealth from Egypt, and a large family. With the destruction of their city came huge losses: their home and all of their possessions, each of the girl’s fiancés,[Gen.19:14] and most notably the loss of a wife who was mother. Now, they are nothing but three cave dwellers.

They spent a long time in seclusion and they were aging.

The oldest daughter had become concerned about preserving their family line and suggested to her younger sister that since there are no men around, they ought to take advantage of their father.

Thus, the daughters got their father so drunk they were able to have intercourse with him on two consecutive nights, the oldest daughter having her way with him the first night, followed by the youngest daughter on the following night.Interestingly, the text says that Lot was so drunk “he was not aware of it when she lay down or when she got up.

In their age, it was not unusual for interfamily members to marry. In fact, it was customary amongst nieces and nephews[Gen.11:27,29] in order to keep pure bloodlines, even such as Abraham who had married his half-sister.[Gen.20:11,12]

However, in the case of Lot and his daughters, it was obviously not a favorable option for what the girls had done, based on the justification of Gen.19:33,35. Subsequently, considering the circumstances of their plight and surviving the bloodlines, the girls felt that there was no other choice. As a result, a child was born to each of them. To the oldest daughter, she conceived Moab (Hebrew, lit., “from the father” [meh-Av]), father of the Moabites. To the youngest daughter she conceived, Ben-Ammi (Hebrew, lit., “Son of my people”), father of the Ammonites.

The incest that occurred between Lot and his daughters has raised many questions, debates and theories as to what the real motives were, who really was at fault, and the level of bias the author of Genesis Chapter 19 had. However, biblical scholars such as Jacob Milgrom, Victor P. Hamilton, and Cakum Carmichael, postulate that the Levitical Laws could not have been developed the way they were, without controversial issues surrounding the Patriarchs of Israel, especially in regards to incest. Carmichael even attributes the entire formulation of the Levitical laws on the lives of the founding fathers of the nation, such as: Abraham, Jacob, Judah, Moses and David who were outstanding figures in Israelite tradition, including the righteous Lot.

According to the above mentioned scholars, the Patriarchs of Israel are the key to understanding how the Priestly laws concerning incest has developed. Incest amongst the patriarchs are as follows: Abraham marries his half-sister; Sarai[Gen.20:11,12] Abraham’s brother, Nahor, marries their niece; Milcah [Gen.11:27-29] Isaac marries Rebekah his first cousin, once removed;[Gen.27:42,43;29:10] Jacob marries two sisters who are his first cousins [Gen.29:10,Ch.29] and Moses parents are nephew and aunt (father’s sister).[Exod.6:20] Therefore, it surely mattered to the lawgiver how the issues of incest pertained to these Patriarchs and they are the basis for the laws of the Book of Leviticus chapters 18 and 20.

There are other scholars who also state that the Levitical laws against incest were created to separate the lifestyle of the Israelite from the sinful lifestyle of the cursed people of Canaan, [Gen.9:22-28] despite any incestual involvements the Patriarchs had in the past.  The Levitical laws were needed for a developing nation who needed to be seen as different from the world, cleansed and blameless: The first step starting with circumcision.[Gen.17:1,10;Ch.17] So nothing could be held against the Patriarchs for incestuous behavior because this was part of progressive development, from the ways of the world (coming out of Chaldea) to becoming blameless before their God.[Gen.17:1]


In Islam we believe that Lot(P.B.U.H) was Prophet and Messenger of Allah(S.W.T), a savior chosen from his people, to show them right path, and teach them purpose of life in this world, we don`t believe in Bible and Bible was corrupted we can clearly see from this story. God chose a Messenger to teach people modesty, kindness, to teach people how to stay away from sins and living moralistic life.Indeed,Lot(P.B.U.H) was one of best Prophet of human history, but Christians crossed all limits in degrading a Prophet of Allah(S.W.T)…



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How David Commit Adultry and Murder in Bible

How David Commit Adultry and Murder in Bible

Presentation of Story of David from the Bible  !

NOTE : The Images are removed due several request from brother and sisters….we also analysid that this is not the right way to work,so we removed it.but Left the verses…Indeed we are humans and humans do mistakes..! so forgive us and remember us in ur dua!
May Allah forgive our sins,and guide us on correct path!
JazakAllah khair !

2 Samuel 11:2-15 (New International Version, ©2011)

2 One evening David got up from his bed and walked around on the roof of the palace. From the roof he saw a woman bathing. The woman was very beautiful,

3 and David sent someone to find out about her. The man said, “She is Bathsheba, the daughter of Eliam and the wife of Uriah the Hittite.”

4 Then David sent messengers to get her. She came to him, and he slept with her. (Now she was purifying herself from her monthly uncleanness.) Then she went back home.

5 The woman conceived and sent word to David, saying, “I am pregnant.”

6 So David sent this word to Joab: “Send me Uriah the Hittite.” And Joab sent him to David.

7 When Uriah came to him, David asked him how Joab was, how the soldiers were and how the war was going.

8 Then David said to Uriah, “Go down to your house and wash your feet.” So Uriah left the palace, and a gift from the king was sent after him.

9 But Uriah slept at the entrance to the palace with all his master’s servants and did not go down to his house.

10 David was told, “Uriah did not go home.” So he asked Uriah, “Haven’t you just come from a military campaign? Why didn’t you go home?”

11 Uriah said to David, “The ark and Israel and Judah are staying in tents,[a] and my commander Joab and my lord’s men are camped in the open country. How could I go to my house to eat and drink and make love to my wife? As surely as you live, I will not do such a thing!”

12 Then David said to him, “Stay here one more day, and tomorrow I will send you back.” So Uriah remained in Jerusalem that day and the next.

13 At David’s invitation, he ate and drank with him, and David made him drunk. But in the evening Uriah went out to sleep on his mat among his master’s servants; he did not go home.

14 In the morning David wrote a letter to Joab and sent it with Uriah.

15 In it he wrote, “Put Uriah out in front where the fighting is fiercest. Then withdraw from him so he will be struck down and die.”

16 So while Joab had the city under siege, he put Uriah at a place where he knew the strongest defenders were.

17 When the men of the city came out and fought against Joab, some of the men in David’s army fell; moreover, Uriah the Hittite died.

18 Joab sent David a full account of the battle.

19 He instructed the messenger: “When you have finished giving the king this account of the battle,

20 the king’s anger may flare up, and he may ask you, ‘Why did you get so close to the city to fight? Didn’t you know they would shoot arrows from the wall?

21 If he asks you this, then say to him, ‘Moreover, your servant Uriah the Hittite is dead.’”

22 The messenger set out, and when he arrived he told David everything Joab had sent him to say.

23 The messenger said to David, “The men overpowered us and came out against us in the open, but we drove them back to the entrance of the city gate.

24 Then the archers shot arrows at your servants from the wall, and some of the king’s men died. Moreover, your servant Uriah the Hittite is dead.”

25 David told the messenger, “Say this to Joab: ‘Don’t let this upset you; the sword devours one as well as another. Press the attack against the city and destroy it.’ Say this to encourage Joab.”

26 When Uriah’s wife heard that her husband was dead, she mourned for him.

27 After the time of mourning was over, David had her brought to his house, and she became his wife and bore him a son. But the thing David had done displeased the LORD.


and to Punish David God Killed his SON !

You do crime,Your children will be punished !



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