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Who is the True Worshipper according to Bible ?

Those Who worship Jesus and take him as God are really True Worshipers ?

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Answering Christianity Blog Report of 2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 52,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 12 Film Festivals

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Top 10 worst Bible passages

Top 10 worst Bible passages 

A list of the top 10 worst Biblical verse has been drawn up, which includes approval for sexism, genocide and slavery.  Continue reading

Memri TV Exposed

Memri TV Exposed

HOw many times have you seen videos where muslim woman or a man saying islam is false religion ,islam treats women in bad way ? Continue reading

The Greatest Commandment [Textual Comparison – I]

The Greatest Commandment (Mark 12: 28-35, Matthew 22:34-40) Continue reading

Religious Mysteries 101 – The Crucifixion

Religious Mysteries 101 – The Crucifixion

Of all the Christian mysteries, none rank as highly as the concept of Christ’s crucifixion and atoning sacrifice. In fact, Christians base their salvation on this one tenet of faith. And if it really happened, shouldn’t we all? Continue reading

Verses Deleted In Modern Bible Versions

Verses Deleted In Modern Bible Versions

 Most people believe the new versions are just “harmless” updating of words and made easier to understand.

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Why Bible Is Not Complete without Paul Words ?

Why Bible Is Not Complete without Paul Words ?

as Christians says Its God Word… then I want to know …

Who gave Authority to Paul his own Words with God Words…

Answer Please ? kindly reply with proofs

Nigerian Christians Kill and Eat Muslims

Nigerian Christians Kill and Eat Muslims

Highlight: BBC reporter, Rob Walker witnesses Christian cannibalism {Audio link below}
At a point as the flesh is being roasted, someone says in Hausa language “…ni zuciyan na ke so…” meaning: “I want the heart”, while another person goes further to ask “…ka sa gishiri?” meaning: “…did you put some salt”?

You will Not see this news on any other news media! That is why we are your News Rescue!

September 29th, 2011

Birom Christians roasting their victims to eat NewsRescue- Jos, is one of the greatest epicenters of Muslim-Christian hate and intolerance in Nigeria.
Roughly torn between Muslims and Christians, it is at the epicenter of sectarian violence.

North Nigeria as a whole is stricken with some of the highest poverty levels in the world. With a 70-89% poverty level, this region compares with countries like Somalia, Eritrea and Bangladesh, while in contrast, South Nigeria, responsible for 90% of Nigeria’s bank deposits and loans, compares economically to countries like China and Korea. Due to the poverty prevalence figures, Nigeria’s former Central bank governor, Professor Soludo rightly concluded that the nation’s “very high level of poverty is essentially a Northern Phenomenon”

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Birom Christian youth burn cars and eat Muslims {NaijaPals}

It is well known that poverty, ignorance and disease are a dangerous triad. This deadly ignorance was again demonstrated on the 28th of August; Birom (Berom) Christians were recorded in this video, eating Muslims they had killed and roasted. The event occurred when Christians surrounded Muslims observing their Eid annual holy devotion. Due to a miscommunication with the police, there was no usual requested security at the venue, a necessity in polar Jos. Christian youth surrounded the praying Muslims, burned their cars, pelted them and then killed, roasted and ate some.

Follow this link for gruesome pictures we can not post on this site: Massacre Muslims on Sallah Day (Graphic pictures, please!)

Zainab Usman, translating the video said:

At a point as the flesh is being roasted, someone says in Hausa language “…ni zuciyan na ke so…” meaning: “I want the heart”, while another person goes further to ask “…ka sa gishiri?” meaning: “…did you put some salt”? The large crowd’s visible complicity and excitement as they eagerly anticipate their cannibalistic feast marks a descent in our collective sense of humanity in Nigeria. What I find most ironic is that these butchers and party are communicating in Hausa language, the language of their slain “enemy” or rather, their “meal” and not their own native berom language. The presence of a police vehicle in the area where the “feasting” and cannibalism on slaughtered Muslims is taking place raises questions. The police should be protecting people, maintaining law and order and stopping any criminal activity from taking place, shouldn’t they? Of course as the video shows, this is not the case.

BBC reports also earlier in April about the cannibalism, sectarian violence and segregation in Jos; at 11 minutes, BBC’s Rob Walker witnesses roasted Muslims being eaten {Audio link- click here}. Transcript of this audio is appended below.

Not a single prosecution!BBC

There is no record of a single successful prosecution related to these heinous crimes. This impunity for acts of violence helps explain why the cycle of revenge and counter-revenge has continued.

Ethnic violence is apparently not a crime in Nigeria. In fact, in this video, the police are seen literally being part of the Sapien flesh festival.

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Social welfare system, the simple solution

Essentially in all industrialized nations, and a fundamental principle of existence, preached by the prophet of Islam and observed from the life of Jesus, is the social welfare system. Societies must provide for its citizens who do not have jobs and the ability or know-how to feed themselves. Men are not made equal in capacity. The wealthy must be taxed to feed the poor, and then there is natural resource. With the level of wealth of Nigeria, a world major oil exporter, a method of social identity and a comprehensive welfare system should have long been in place. Yes, just food money. In the US it is called ‘food stamps’. Stop the food stamps and there will be terrorism and anarchy.

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The fight for land between farmers and cattle-rearers – with increased urbanization, fuels sectarian crises. Government needs address grazing issues. Politicians also create and sponsor inter-cultural violence and terror to control wards. Do-or-kill politics is a serious issue in Africa. Related: Democracy Fails Africa

There must also be accountability and culpability for criminality, with an effective, efficient and respectable security system. These issues must be addressed by the government, however Nigeria’s government is so entrenched in corruption and the personal usurping of Nigeria’s wealth, that they have left conditions beyond words.

BBC broadcast transcript-

At 12 minutes, several of them clearly admitted to eating (chopping) the pieces of roasted human flesh he saw with them that they brought home to the Christian sector. They were very happy and glad in their expression. Certainly cannibalistic.

Rob: This is the christian community here, and there is a very large group of people gathered….that is the army firing in the air, stones are being thrown, rocks are being thrown. Crowd is now dispersing rapidly. Rob: What about this body here, who is this body here?

Christian 1.Yah, This is Muslim body….people that brought the bomb?
Rob: So you are saying this body which is being burned is People that brought the bomb?
Christian 1: Yah, yah, that is the body.
Rob: But there is no legs or arm or head…
Christian 1: We are chopping the meat, we are chopping the meat!
Christian Lady: some eat
Christian 2: And some…eat it
Christian Lady: And some of it eat
Christian 1: We eat it
Christian 3: We eat the meat!
Rob: Some of the people here eat it?
Christian 1: Yes
Christian 2: Really, really!
Rob: But why will you do that, why will you eat the meat

Christian 1: Why will we not chop the meat?

Christian 1: We need to fight them
Christian 2: Why won’t we chop it
Christian 3: That’s why we chop it.
Rob: There is a man now with a part of the body on a stake, he raised it up. Will there be peace now?

….Christians:…..the Hausa doesn’t want peace…we want the soldier to go, we need peace, Rob: but the soldiers protect…. Christians: the soldiers should go let the battle be once and forever…..

Rob: Reports of isolated cases like this of Christian youth burning and eating the flesh of their enemies emerged in in Jos 3 months ago. Some residents say it is a means of humiliating opponents. Others say it is a way of binding together those involved in the violence. Whatever the case it gives you some idea of the extremes of the violence here. The police say they weren’t sure who the target of the bomb attack. What is sure is if it wasn’t for the heavy presence of the Nigerian army, the violence will be much worse here.

Finally he goes to a noble community in Jos where Muslims and Christians live in peace, cooperate and protect each other, and they explain that the prevalence of violence and rioting in other areas is likely politically motivated by politicians who live in secure, rich areas and set up these ignorance and poverty clashes. They said it may be Christians pretending to be Muslims bombing Christians and likewise Muslims pretending to be Christians bombing Muslims, all as agents of wicked politicians, acting under the umbrella of religion and taking advantage of the poverty in the region..  …The politicians push out opponents in their area for instance with these attacks, so they can win elections.

A resident of Shen in Jos, an area rift with violence, Dogo Yahya commented: Jesus recommended turning the other cheek, and the Muslim Quran says- whoever takes an innocent life, it’s as though has killed the entire human race, and whoever saves a life, it’s comparable to saving the entire world. These people who do these on both sides are neither Muslims, nor Christians! They…. workers of iniquity!

Nigerians should compete in doing good

The Muslim Quran, in chapter 5:48 says what means:

To each of you We prescribed a law and a method. Had Allah(The Lord) willed, He would have made you one nation [united in religion], but [He intended] to test you in what He has given you; so Vie, then with one another in doing good works. To Allah is your return all together, and He will [then] inform you concerning that over which you used to differ.

The Christian Bible also clearly encourages peace, tolerance and forgiveness. We at NewsRescue encourage Nigerians to embrace a war of righteousness with weapons of peace, love and compassion.

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More video:

This first clip shows the hundreds of vehicles of the Muslims who went to observe Sallah prayers, burned by Christian youths.

The links below are short video clips recorded by Christian Youths in Jos, Nigeria after they had killed, roasted and chopped the Hausa-Fulani Muslims during their prayer session at an Eid Praying ground on the 29th of August 2011.

Source :

Honor killing was Inspired from Bible….

Honor Killings in the Bible


Many Christians are often fond of accusing Muslims of committing several honor killings in the name of Islam; they then use this line of argument as a reason to discredit Islam in their eyes. In this article we shall once again turn the table on the Christian showing that honor killings can be found in the Bible, and that the Bible is for honor killings! Hence by their own criteria, Christians will have to abandon their own book.

Let us now see the honor killings in the Bible:

Lev 21:9  And the daughter of any priest, if she profane herself by playing the whore, she profaneth her father: she shall be burnt with fire.



So note, if the priests daughter commits a bad sexual act, she is to be burned because of her fathers reputation, because it is against his honor. What will Christian say now? This is one example of honor killing in the Bible, in fact the act is ordered by the Bible itself.

And he that curseth his father, or his mother, shall surely be put to death. (Exodus 21:17)”

For every one that curseth his father or his mother shall be surely put to death: he hath cursed his father or his mother; his blood shall be upon him. (Leviticus 20:9)”


So here the children are put to death for insulting their parents,

this is another example of honor killings,

the children are put to death for dis-honoring their very own parents and the punishment is death.

So we have seen 3 examples of honor killings in the Bible, so since Christians always have a problem with honor killings and say Islam is wrong because of some Muslims who commit this act, then the Bible is also wrong for allowing honor killings which also makes their own God wrong, and if God is wrong then he cant God because God is always correct. Either way the Christian is in a bad dilemma.