Londoners Rally in Solidarity with Iraqi Christians

Generally you will not find this type of news in main stream news channels,so i published here to let everyone know,many christians in debate ask about this,why muslims are doing anything,why muslim is not standing against isis,blah blah blah i just want to let them know..if you didn;t heard about muslims protesting against terrorist or terrorism,then this does not mean,muslims are not doing anything.i ask muslims to share this news as much as they can,this news is not found in many popular news websites.


Hundreds of Londoners rallied outside the British parliament on Saturday in a show of solidarity with Iraq’s persecuted Christians. The rally, organised by Aid to the Church in Need, also attracted many Arabic Christians and a number of Iraqi Muslims showing solidarity with their Christian neighbours.

The demonstrators walked from parliament to the gates of Downing Street – the residence of the Prime Minister – chanting slogans such as “Save the Christians of Iraq”, “Save the Christians of the Middle East” and “No, no ISIS”.

Christians in Iraq are facing increasing persecution following the incursion into the country by ISIS. The terror group last week gave all the city’s Christians just hours to either convert to Islam, pay a tax known as a ‘jizzya’, or face execution.

Many of the demonstrators yesterday displayed the Arabic letter ‘nun’, which has been spray painted onto the houses of those Christians who remain in Mosul, marking them out from the rest of the population.


The rally echoes a similar gathering in Paris on Wednesday, where 100 members of the French parliament joined demonstrators in calling attention to the slaughter of Christians in the Middle East.

The peaceful rally has attracted little media attention elsewhere, and was always likely to be overshadowed by the larger anti-Israel protest taking place in London later the same day. As Breitbart London reports, several thousand people turned up to that protest, with some chanting slogans that appeared to support terror group Hamas, while others called for the Israeli state to be wiped out.

Photos courtesy of Peter D. Williams



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