Syria: Church losing members to Islam

Despite a government that keeps violence against Christians in check, Syria’s minority Catholic population is slowly losing members to Islam because of intermarriage and the nation’s education system, according to Archbishop Samir Nassar, the Maronite archbishop of Damascus.

“Little by little [schoolchildren] get to know more about the Qur’an and Muhammed, more than Jesus Christ, and we give them one hour of catechism and we have to send a bus or a car to bring them and to take them back,” Archbishop Nassar told Aid to the Church in Need. “Sometimes they come, sometimes they do not, and one hour of catechism is not enough.”

The government’s tolerance of Christian worship does not extend to evangelization: it is illegal to baptize Muslims.


One thought on “Syria: Church losing members to Islam

  1. mash

    Because my Father and vica could not explain the trinity, finding a simple phrase of “i am god” in the bible, and the contradictions that i myself have questioned them, but was not at all very happy with their pervert answer, i just think that we Christians deserves that and i don’t mind at all if they convert to Islam because Christian is polluted by St. Paul, when the faith itself was created by men and not god, this is what had happened.
    A great smack to the Christians. Our bible is NO LONGER holy.



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