Fake Miracle :: Buried Children Saved By Jesus :: Christians are LIERS

Assalam Alaykum,

I have seen many times how christians lie about Islam miss quote verses and hadith.

They even give some hadith which truly does not Exist!

and this  STORY IS ANOTHER PROOF THAT CHRISTIANS ARE Liers and How they make fake stories to make Islam look bad !

A Muslim man in Egypt killed his wife and then buried her with their infant baby and 8-year old daughter. The girls? were buried alive!

He then reported to the police that an uncle killed the kids. 15 days later, another family member died. When they went to bury him, they found the 2 little girls under the sand – ALIVE!

The country is outraged over the incident, and the man will be executed.

The older girl was asked how she had survived.A man wearing shiny white clothes, with bleeding wounds in his hands, came every day to feed us. He woke up my mom so she could nurse my sister,” she said.

She was interviewed on Egyptian national TV, by a veiled Muslim woman news anchor. She said on public TV, “This was none other than Jesus, because nobody else does things like this!”

Muslims believe Isa (Jesus) would do this, but the wounds mean He really was crucified, and it’s clear also that He is alive! But, it’s also clear that the child could not make up a story like this, and there is no way these children could have survived without a true miracle. Muslim leaders are going to have a hard time to figure out what? to do with this, and the popularity of the movie Passion doesn’t help!

With Egypt at the centre of the media and education in the Middle East, you can be sure this story will spread. Christ is still turning the world upside down!

Please let this story be shared. The Lord says, “I will bless the person who puts his trust in me.” Jeremiah 17:7.



This widely circulated email relates the story of two little Egyptian girls who survived 15 days buried alive due to the intervention of a supernatural saviour with white clothes and bleeding hands who is later identified by rescuers as none other than Jesus Himself.


There is no credible evidence whatsoever to support an email story claiming that two young girls survived for fifteen days buried alive because Jesus visited them in the grave every day and fed them.
ha ha ha ha ha ha

As well as circulating via email, the piece has also been posted to innumerable religious forums and blogs where it has generated substantial and often heated debate.

According to the story, a Muslim man in Egypt murdered his wife and then buried her along with his still living daughters, one 8 years old, the other still an infant. However, Jesus came to the children every day, feeding the eight year old and “waking” the dead mother so that she could nurse the baby. It was not until the children were discovered alive and rescued from their premature grave 15 days after being buried that the miraculous experience came to be told. Or so this wildly fanciful tale would have us believe.

Not surprisingly, there is not a single shred of evidence to support the story. I could find no credible news reports about such a miraculous rescue, nor any information about an Egyptian man who murdered his wife and buried his children alive. Naturally, if true, such an amazing event would have certainly garnered a great deal of media attention, not only in Egypt, but around the world. And a miracle like the one described would also have been thoroughly investigated by both Muslim and Christian organizations. The total absence of any credible confirmation of the story along with the absurdity of the claims mean that the story is surely a work of pure fiction.

Even if entirely fictional, religious parables have their place and can serve to strengthen the faith of believers and effectively illustrate a particular worldview. However, rather than being a parable designed to reinforce a Christian ideal, this particular piece of nonsense seems more intent on denigrating and undermining the Muslim faith. In a world troubled by faith-based violence and misunderstanding, false stories such as this can only add to existing divisions and circulating them will serve no good purpose.

For the Verification Visit here :

Snopes :: http://www.snopes.com/glurge/buried.asp

Hoax Slayer :: http://www.hoax-slayer.com/egypt-murder-miracle.shtml

Check How Christians are spreading this lie and trying to make Islam and Muslims look Bad ::




Is this Teaching of Jesus ? Lie about Others

Shame on Such Peoples….

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53 thoughts on “Fake Miracle :: Buried Children Saved By Jesus :: Christians are LIERS

    • May you burn in hell you muslim = worshipper of the devil

      Christians are the true children of God and you will perish in the fires of hell for all eternity!!!

      May our Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ forgive you if you finally see the Truth

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      • I know you wrote this comment years ago but the way you talk to other people who are not Christians surely is not the way Jesus would talk to them. Jesus reached out to everyone and did not judge or condemn them. Would Jesus say what you said ‘may you burn in hell you muslim’ NO, NEVER!!!!!! How can you say you love someone yet you judge them? The two does not work together. I am a Christian and most of my best friends are not Christians: they are muslims, Jewish, hindus, atheists etc. And do I still love them as they are? Yes I do. Our calling as Christians is not to scare people that they will go to hell if they don’t believe in Jesus. Jesus doesn’t want followers who are following Him because they are scared of punishment and hell. Jesus wants followers who will follow him because they recognize his abundant amazing love and grace. Why would any Muslim want to become a Christian after a message like you sent?! And surely you should look behind the curtains and not judge Muslims just because of how they are portrayed in media etc. So are Christians portrayed in media in a bad way too because there are many other ‘Christians’ like yourself who portray Christianity in a bad light. You should look behind the texts of the Bible and start studying it properly not just picking out parts that you like. The Bible is a historical book that needs to be studied in terms of culture, history etc…Who are you to judge anyone? God is the Judge of the living and the dead!

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    • abdallah
      my buddy praise de lord!
      pal ur prophet said in de koran dat jewish torah and holy are true and muslims shud follow it for guidance read proverbs 18:21
      dude koran is a fake book its nothing bt twisted stories of de bible
      bro jesus loves u accept him or burn in hell forever
      ill pray for u my new born christian friend

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    • Hello Mr. Abdallah,
      I want to believe I am a true Christian and I try very hard every day to be so. Irrelevant of wether the story about the little girls being buried alive is true or not, I would like you to know that Jesus is alive! And He does make miracles and Yes!! He still brings people back from death!! A little over a year ago, my son was drowned in our back yard pool in Glendale, Arizona. He was 2.5 years old. He was dead when I frantically pulled him out of the pool. My neighbors gathered round us because they heard my screams. I was screaming out to Jesus and was calling on His blood upon my son’s dead body! I did this because I knew He is the one true Go, the only God that has power over life and death. Paramedics, police and news stations were on the scene just a few minutes later. Everything I tell you now is well documented!! Check Google and Yahoo as well! Noone was able to restart his heart until a while later. He had no pulse and no oxygen circulating to his brain until over 40 minutes after the incident. My sister in law is finishing her MD and DO degrees in a very well known medical school near Chicago, Illinois. Her Dean and faculty members confirmed that no person who is dead and has no pulse for 15 minutes will ever come back with a somewhat living brain. The brain of such a person is pronounced dead after 15 minutes of non-oxygenation!!! Please read on….three days later, on a Sunday, many Christ loving churches across the US and Europe including my family, were praying to Jesus for my sons recovery. On that day, the doctors took an MRI of my sons brain to see how extensive the damage was, as they were convinced as with any other case before my sons that his brain had received severe damage from the drowning. My dear Muslim reader, my sons MRI came back NORMAL from the lab!!! Why, because my Jesus whispered to me on that day after my son drowned as I sat screaming in front of my house and calling on the name of Jesus, “be still, it will be all right!” It was such a calm voice!! It came from behind my right shoulder and I felt Him near! His peace overwhelmed me and it was as though I was angry at myself at one point that I cannot scream louder and I can’t express my despair more. But His still small voice calmed my soul and I bless His name!! I love Him soooo much because He has never forsaken me!! To wrap it up, my son was up on his feet and was released from the hospital 10 days after being admitted. He rode his tricycle out of the hospital doors that day! He is not just 100% normal…HE IS 200% NORMAL!!!!! Why? BECAUSE JESUS LIVES AND HE IS THE LORD OF LIFE AND HE HAS POWER OVER DEATH AS WELL!! My son walked out of the hospital with absolutely no complications. No lung infections as the doctors might have feared and absolutely NO BRAIN DAMAGE!!! We were interviewed by a few news stations that day and a few days following. But I have to say:”SHAME ON THE MEDIA!! FOR NOT TELLING THINGS THE WAY PEOPLE SAY THEM!”” Owners of the media and many of their staff are liars and are biased! They aired only what they wanted to air and they cut out what we specifically told them not to cut: that “Jesus Christ is the One that brought our son back!” They called it a “Christmas Miracle” and an “early Christmas present” for the Teodorescu family. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! ON THE MEDIA..and this is supposed to be a free country!! I am not at all surprised that there is absolutely no news articles to be found in Egypt about the story of the two girls buried alive! If this kind of stuff happens here in the states, it is no surprise that it will happen in a Muslim world! Dear Muslim reader, my name is Mihaela Teodorescu and I am the mother of Caleb Teodorescu! My son is living proof that Jesus is God and I have the medical documents and a handful of trusted doctors to back my report! You are invited to study the details!!

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      • The story of Jesus is a Parable about the African American in America and around the world!!
        Just ask your Local Mason!

        #Believe it or Not!!!

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      • It was nat my son….It was me who got cought up in a swiming pool and I also came out alive. Guess whaat….! It was God, the God of all angels, prophet including Jesus, jins that saved me. No other have the power to give or take life xcept Allah(God). Even when human among human beings is blessed with such power, we should always remember to give praise to God for He is only using such person as a tool, nat as God. God Bless the world….Bless Nigeria.

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        • I’m happy to let you know that the God who gave my son life is not Allah, the god of the muslims. There are many gods in this world. My Bible teaches that if someone does not accept Jesus as the son on God, the one and only true God, who is one with the Father and the Holy Spirit, that person does not give praise or worship the true God, but instead rejects God the Father by rejecting His Son who is one with Him. In His hands He has put all the power and authority to do His Fathers will. Jesus Christ is the name that I called on that day. My son was dead for more than 30 minutes. In that time I called on the name of Jesus, and the Father and the Spirit are with Him. I don’t believe that your allah gave my son life. The Holy Spirit spoke to me that day several times and reassured me that He would not leave me to shame. I praise the name of Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit for the rising of my son from death. There was no mention on any allah that day, and it would not have crossed my mind to even call on such name. Your allah teaches muslims to kill and reject anyone who is not like the rest of the muslims. My God requires His children to love all people but reject sin in their life.
          Praises be to my Jesus!!! Not allah.

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  1. Can i just say that all people spreading stories against muslims arent christian. i mean seriously who’s christian these days?

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  2. I believe that to say that this is proof that Christians are liars just shows ignorance on your part. Yes it might or is not true and someone started this story but your statement is completely uncalled for.

    By using your method of accusing people I can then say that muslims are terrorists because of one or two individuals who fight in the name of a *mercifull* Allah….that would be completely false since I know more muslims who are not terrorist and very nice people.

    So please be carefull who you accuse and Abdallah be carefull who you curse.

    Just an idea.

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  3. first of all abdullah.there si a reason why christians are

    different than muslims.they dont curse people,they forgive

    people by the way i am talking about true christians and they

    pray for you non believers.still you are going through a

    very difficult phase all over the world but lets not talk about

    that. christians dont need any attention or popularity.i believe

    chrisitanity is the biggest religion in the world.its just

    random people making up stories to make money online

    on sites like blogger.com.
    exposing your own illetracy by accusing christians without any proof that a christian came

    up with this story.do u have any proof? i guess not.

    so please next time when u write something that.review it

    and make sure you provide all the information with

    evidence. thank you

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    • // first of all abdullah.there si a reason why christians are different than muslims.they dont curse people,they forgive people by the way i am talking about true christians and they pray for you non believers.//

      Really ? they don;t curse peoples,but they abuse and make fun of others faiths and beliefs in the name of Freedom of Speech!

      Forgiveness is a Mark of Muslims…Can you give proof that muslims don;t pray for unbelelievers ?
      and what about killing and murder and rape commands from OT ?

      Who are TRUE CHRISTIANS ?

      // christians dont need any attention or popularity.i believe chrisitanity is the biggest religion in the world…//

      really, then why they create fake stories against Islam ?
      then Why they create fake converstion against muslim ?

      why they write books against the others religion ?

      Infact,Christians are looking for popularity…

      // exposing your own illetracy by accusing christians without any proof that a christian came up with this story//

      IF YOU HAVE PROBLEM IN UR EYES,then chk for links,i have given proofs how hypocrite Christians are spreading this lie…!

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      • Wow I’m not sure how you were able to figure out how the person who wrote the miracle story was a Christian! Nor am I able to figure out how someone who’s never met me or anyone else I know would have been able to discern what actions we would take against other religions. Many false emails are forwarded by well meaning, non-Christian people, just because they like the story, this is a world-wide phenomenon.
        I do not hate or dislike extremist Muslim’s or extremist Christian’s, Buddist’s, Wicca or any other belief system, no matter how much I may disagree with their beliefs. I am disgusted by murder, rape, theft, adultery, abuse, and I find stupidity pretty disagreeable too.
        I would not hate Pakistani’s because a murderer like bin laden was living on their soil, I would hope no one would hate me because a murder that has forced the deaths of innocents was living on our soil. Hate the crime, pray for the murderer, pray for God’s Justice. I pray for the wisdom to understand people full of hate so that I may not carry it within myself. I pray for the ability to forgive those who do ill against me, yet I will raise arms against those who attack my church, family or country, as I would expect any to do who were attacked by me.
        It is a sad lawless world and I pray for the day when bigotry and ignorance, even my own, will be enlightened by the Truth and the Word of God. Your book, your laws and your Word may be different, but I hope the desire for the truth and enlightenment is the same.
        May love and enlightenment fill us all, for there are many things I do not know about other religions and obviously there are many things not understood about mine.
        Just out of curiousity, why do you sound so full of hate and resentment?

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  4. hey man thanks a lot i ve been in trouble since i ve heard this story but it is false ive checked the links u posted i m a bit relaxed thnx 1nce again :)

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  5. I find it amusing that we all tend to blame one religion for this or another for that, but what I find most facinating are those who would wish damnation on SOMEONE, regardless of religion. The problem is not pushing hate mail but a neglect to ascertain the truth before sending something to getg ones attention. Now I do not consider myself a CHRISTian because I am not following the ways of CHRIST; however I can identify with Christianity.

    Why do we find it necessary to belittle or condemn someone to damnation without once stopping to think that hey this person is ill informed or misinformed?

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  6. I’m muslim and I believe in Allah. And I believe in Isa Al-Masiah for he was born with extraordinary birth by the power of Allah. And has taken all of my Gunah and he is now with Allah. And is alive because he did not encounter the experience of death.
    I pray to Allah in Isa’s name and I get peace. May Allah give to those who are quarreling.

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  7. Always it is good to sit back and think twice before sharing information. Look at how the this information is spread once all over the world. This Miracel, if it realy has happened, no one could hide it at all. Muslim brothers also can not do any think than accepting it as mere fact and try to search Holly Book. But whether this miracle happen or not does not have any single effect on the truth about Jesus. So, it is good to live and share truth who ever we are. It is too bad to lie just not to impress but to be ashemed of later on.

    I wish peace for all Himanities in Jesus Name. Amen.

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  8. I know this story. I heard about it about a year ago. What you failed to say is why they were buried> They were buried because they would often read the Bible in secrete!! So in essence, you lied abdulla, and left out the key details why they were buried. Jesus is God. Mohammed died and stayed dead ,but Jesus was risen.

    I find Muslims to be liers , and here is why. Jesus said he is the son of God and that he was risen from the dead which muslims do not believe in, but yet the quran speaks good about Jesus but don’t aknowledge that he is Son of God and tha he was risen. If muslims don’t believe in this than Jesus must have been a lier but yet you have him in the quran. Pure contradiction.

    Mohammed was a nomad in the desert that was visited by the devil to start a false religion to eventually persecute the Christians as Jesus predicted, no other book like the Bible has been accurate as the Bible when it come to prophecy. MoHommed took some of the already existing Bible and Jewis torrah and mixed a little of his theology and there you have it, The quran. Mohammed had over 40 wifes and some little girls , even a 9 year old,what God would send a profit like that. To me he was a pedophiler.

    Your time will come when you will have to answer to God for believing in false religion, and guess who is going to be your judge , not mohammed and his god , but Jesus your true God and savior. Repent Abdulla and convert to Christ the true saviour. Jesus is God of Mohammed.

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  9. whtever all of u r saying. Jesus is, was, and is to come. He alone is the creator of the heavens and earth, He alone is the ruler and true King above all. So u can debate all u wnt. But the truth still stands, nd will continue standinding foreve! Amen.

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  10. whtever all of u r saying. Jesus is, was, and is to come. He alone is the creator of the heavens and earth, He alone is the ruler and true King above all. So u can debate all u wnt. But the truth still stands, nd will continue standing foreve! Amen.

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  11. Nobody needs any miracle to pain Islam in bad light. The adherents of this so called religion of peace have continuously put the religion in bad light. A religion whose adherents believe that the only way to solve a problem with their opponents is to kill them, take a life they never and could never have created?Did Allah ask anybody to kill for them?I will like to see where in the Quaran Allah asked anybody to kill on his behalf. A religion that believes in the shedding of blood cannot be said to be a religion of peace. Show me one place where islamists ever live in peace with their neighbours.A religion whose adherents don’t believe that every human has the right to choose whatever he/she wants to believein. Believe it or not, Jesus exists. The action of teh man is typical of Islamists who are know to be intolerant and attach no importance to human life. You people should stop the act of killing for ever dumb offence. I don’t expect my comments to be published because this religion of yours abhors the truth and hates anybody with contrary views.

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  12. i have a question y wud a muslim defile her religion n speak abt CHRIST!!
    de fact here is jesus is de true light,way n de lyf
    sorry islam and muslims ur born loosers i curse and rebuke de day ishmael(cursed)by god wz born
    may all muslims know de truth and de truth may set dem free
    de truth is jesus christ!

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  13. The point is weather anybody blasphamed or castigate the miracle, the truth cannot be overtaken by any event. But something like that of the said miracle is not much than what Jesus does, it is His character. No miracle makes God or Jesus what He is. After all the muslems accepted the imaculate conception of Jesus, His death, resurrection, accention and second coming; although in an errotic way. But since they believed and accepted that these things happened, what else do they think that Jesus cannot do? It is foolishness to assume a man who purchased a motor car to be incapable of purchasing a bike.
    Wheather the miracle in Egypt is real or not, my Jesus has done greater than that and He still does it. PERIOD!!!

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  14. I do not understand how this story plays into the debate between Christians and Muslims. The people that spread this story may very well have been Christians, and in the story the man that supposely buried the girls was Muslim, but what would either of these things prove if true? That there are people that call themselves Christians that lie? That there are people that call themselves Muslims that kill? It is very easy to prove that both Christians and Muslims have killed and lied in the past, and done both in the name of God. So what does this story prove either way?

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  15. I was raised to be a Christian but I can truly say I hate all religion. Because of all this war and hate. We are all here for some strange reason. Whoever and whatever our creators name may be etc. Allah, Jehovah, God… I hope one day he tells me why he allowed all this hate, war and fighting going on down here. I mean what did I do so wrong to be curse to live a life here with so many hateful children. I want to be with Him and take my kids with me. I love you Creator! Take me off this world and put me on a better one where we humans truly love each other and stop pointing fingers saying ‘I’m right, You’re wrong!’ type stuff!

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  17. havin gone through your comment and other replies, i realise that we are still blind and ignorant of the fact that the God we claim we are serving is the one serving us and does not has any religion. We still dont believe that there is 1 God, and the of jesus and prophet mohammed is just about a means to an end. The question is, how do please/serve/worship God? Must everybody follow the same means to an end? Lastly, is your religion giving you perfect relationship with God? Then stop bothering yourself about others and concetrate on what you intend to achieve with him. Criticism can make you go wrong…

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  18. Jesus would not want anyone to go to hell. show love to everyone. never condemning anyone.
    I pray for healing and street ministry. and people get healed. now have Muslims do the same and see if it will work.. someone has to be right

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  19. i believe in God and Jesus Christ…i dont believe in attacking other people over their beliefs or religious affiliations..

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  20. LoL! The truth is :

    The Quran came from the Holy Bible and that’s a fact!

    Jesus was crucified is true, His cloth remains was found near Israel but no one could confirm if He rose again or not

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  21. Its a shame that such things are being spread.
    For a minute I was actually moved and then I googled only to find that it was sure a fake story. Its one thing if somebody wants people to strenghen their belief and its another thing to say something bad about some other religion. I don’t understand this hatred. I am a proud muslim, and yet, I’ve never hated a person from another religion. EVER. May Allah help all these people, who are so so far away from the truth. I feel sad for them.

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  22. read LUKE 7:50 tells about miracle in bible ..its our faith in jesus the we wil be healed…he said great are those who beleive him without seeing…and MR. if u will not beleive it will count your..salvation comes or not..coz those who beleive in him will be saved….and abt salvation the girl that has given testominy and beleive they have to give count for her salavation and u have to give count to christ for ur salvation……so b blessed i pray that god give u knowledge abt right and wrong….so should be saved in christ…

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  23. Just looking at this discussion the conclusion is it’s just a contest who has the bigger dick. Muslims or Christians, both are blind to their own inconsistencies. Are Christians liars? Sure. Are Muslims liars? Just as much. Both Bible and Koran are strewn with nonsense, meant to keep the faithful in check. There is no God, there never was, and you guys are ready to send each other to hell over all this poppycock. I’d laugh my ass off if it wasn’t so sad and scary.

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    • Flyboyconnor u think u r intelligent but god has chosen foolish people to make shame to intelligents…..bible verses when jesus is coming back to this world also applies on you also if u will not beleive will be given to fire of sickness,tortutres,pains that we suffer here for eternal…..so its up to you…what you choose……

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  24. Here are a couple of thoughts, facts & questions:

    To Muslims: ‘God sent 124000 prophets to the Jews. Why then He would want them to be killed??’

    The Koran says that Jesus is the word of God and he is holy, it also says that him and his words are inseparable. Why does the koran say that someone else died on the cross and it wasn’t Jesus? Are you saying that a normal human being went on a cross and died and resurrected instead of Jesus? This is assuming that God is a liar or dumb? Why would God deceive people by saying that Jesus didn’t go on the cross?

    Did Muhammad know what was going to happen to him after he died? Did he have assurance? No. Do Christians have? Yes. Justice and mercy meets in Jesus.

    Are you a sinner? Do you need forgiveness? Wasn’t Muhammad a sinner? Yes, he was (koran 46:9). How can you say that you are not a sinner and you will go to heaven if Muhammad wasn’t even sure?

    Was Jesus without sin? Yes because the koran says so: 19:19. Jesus is used more times in the koran than Muhammad.

    Muslims believe that after you die your deeds will be on a scale and if you committed more good deeds than bad then you go to heaven. According to this if there was a guy who would have lived a good life, followed all the rules of Islam until the age of 60 but then murdered someone would still go to heaven…

    Islam teaches attributes of God= why isn’t one of them is love? Why isn’t God, the God of love? According to koran we are created to submit to Allah. According to Christianity God loves us and we are created to glorify God, we don’t have to live under rules and regulations.

    How can Jesus be the son of God? = we all inherit our fathers surname, for instance if my name is Hannah Bradley then I am the daughter of Bradley. Jesus in Hebrew is Yeshua= shua ‘surname’ means ‘one he saves’ so even in his name he is the son of the one who saves= son of God.

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  25. Whether u like it or not, Jesus is a compassionate Lord, he’s still in the buSiness of saving the work of his hands.. Well, it doesn’t matter Whether u believe or u don’t believe… JesuS is Good and cannot be restained by what u believe.. Its a life or Choice.. Choose ye this day whom you shall serve.. Its either Jesus (Heaven) or others (Hell Fire)…. God bless You.

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